Freelance creative developer

Bringing websites to life with a focus on animation and web3 technologies

Here's what I offer

Creative website

Want to have a pleasant experience browsing through your site?

A pleasant experience for your users goes through the animations and interactions of your project. I spend time to imagine and explore how we can ensure a smooth and remarkable navigation.

For making good animations in the web, I use animation libraries such as GSAP , Framer motion and Motion One. And for fluid like effects and much more creative stuffs I use Three.js with custom shaders whenever I get a chance to.

I usually work in vanilla javascript without frameworks for small projects. And for bigger projects, I found frameworks like Nuxt.js and Next.js more helpful. It also come in handy when working with Headless CMS like Prismic or Sanity.

Frontend development (web 2/web 3)

Are you in need of someone who can work with a team of devs and designers or to handle the whole frontend process?

I have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript (ES6), experience with the 3 most popular frameworks (React,Vue & Svelte) and TypeScript.

Some of other skills on frontend I'm experienced on are React Query, Graphql, TailwindCSS, Material UI, Chakra UI.

I'm recently having a liking for web3 development and am looking to get involved more often. I have my primary focus on two of the most popular ecosystem Solana and Ethereum.

And like a few developers I do know /Regex/

I also am experienced with Unit and Integration testing.

Full stack development

Even though I focus primarily on frontend, I work on full stack of the project when I get a chance to.

I work both frontend and backend on projects that are mostly small scale.

When work on backend I use these technologies mentioned below with Node.js to speed up my workflow.

Prisma - ORM for Relational DB and Type-safe database client

Amplify w/ Appsync - when handling complex apps

Strapi and Sanity - For simple apps

Boli Network

Boli Network

Contributing to the frontend of a open source project built on top of Cosmos blockchain.

Defi Staking App - Experiment

Defi Staking App - Experiment

Created a staking app using React, Typescript and TailwindCSS to learn about web3 development.



Hey there, Wasim here.

A frontend developer from India focused on making awesome interfaces for end users.

I'm a guy who loves Maths and Physics and utilize code to make best use of it.

I have a keen interest on animation and use it in order to enhance the feel of the product.

For each project I work on, I pay particular attention on providing a pleasant experience using interaction, animations without losing performance.

Currently exploring Solidity and Solana.

Looking for frontend opportunities where I could use my skills to build clean interfaces.